Thai Classifier #1

In the Thai language, It’s important to use the correct classifier when counting. Each noun has a specific classifier word which should be used in a sentence when you’re referring to a determinate number of items.
Pattern : noun + number + a classifier of the noun
For example : Today, I eat rice with 3 fishes.
วันนี้ฉันกินข้าวกับปลา 3 ตัว
wan née chăn gin kâao gàp bplaa săam dtua
วันนี้ / wan née / today
ฉัน / chăn / I
กินข้าว / gin kâao/ eat (Although this is literally “to eat rice” it’s used as a general term for referring to eating meals.)
กับ / gàp / with ; together with
ปลา 3 ตัว / bplaa săam dtua / 3 fishs
===ตัว tua = a specific classifier for ANIMALS===
noun + number + classifier
ปลา + 3 + ตัว = 3 fishes